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Commercial Relocation

You can feel confident knowing our team can handle the entire process of moving your workforces to get you back in business on time and within budget. Most business owners and managers fear losing days or weeks of productivity while moving all their office furniture, technology, and appliances to a new location. When trained professionals like us handle the move, the transition process is smooth and seamless, thus allowing your team to remain focused on their work.

Commercial Relocation

We handle every step for you! You can trust us to handle your office move from start to finish. We’re a reliable, full-service, corporate moving company that provides you with hands-on experience. We’ve helped corporations and universities of all sizes relocate their employees into better office spaces for decades. 

From planning to execution, our team will take care of all your facility moving services:

  • Project Planning, Scheduling, Permitting & Project Management Support

  • ​Waste Characterization & Profiling

  • Industrial Cleaning

  • Full Transportation of office items

  • Inventory of assets for removal or future reuse

  • Disassembling and removal from site of surplus furniture

  • Facilitating charitable donations of furniture to organizations in need

  • Disposal of unusable product

In addition, your project manager will

  • Handle numerous daily communications for close collaboration with clients

  • Provide better-quality and quicker turnaround of your requests

  • Reduce negative business impact

  • Better manage infrastructure and control

  • Improve usage of support resources and increase productivity of business personnel

  • Provide more meaningful management information to support decision-making

Make the right move.
Tell us about your project today.

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